An 18-year-old who graduated from high school earlier this week was honored not just by his school – but also by his father sporting a hand drawn Pokémon tie that his son made him in 1st grade.

Dylan Olivo says that he didn’t even know that his father had kept the tie after eleven years, let alone that he would wear it to the ceremony.

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The youth from Buda, Texas had decorated the tie specially for his father with a Pikachu and several Poké Balls when he was only 7 years old.

Though Dylan had not seen the tie since he first made it in grade school, his father Robert had reportedly kept it for over a decade so he could specifically wear it to his graduation.

Dylan was “shocked“ by the adorable gesture – and with such a supportive father, there is no doubt that the youth is going to be the very best that no one ever was when he attends the University of Texas in the fall.

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