ANNETTE FREDSKOV is "Mrs. Marathon" (family photo)After Annette Fredskov was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and perhaps wanting to create an unbreakable bond with her own body to ward off the expected degeneration of nerve cells, she began an incredible streak of marathon running that has landed her in the media worldwide.

At 41, the Danish woman ran 26.2 miles every single day for the last year, and a double marathon on day #365. She crossed the finish line on July 14 in her hometown south of Copenhagen with friends and supporters cheering — and said she would like to keep running tomorrow, thank you very much.

She never even ran a marathon before her diagnosis in 2010. The mother of two hopes to inspire other MS sufferers and believes running to be the reason she is symptom-free.

(WATCH the video below – READ the story in the Daily Mail)

Fredskov Family photo


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