geri-in-ny-sm.jpgHappy New Year to all my viewers! I have a GIFT FOR YOU: a free download of my Great Mentors tele-seminar (in MP3) featuring millionaire success coach, David Neagle in “The Secrets of the Mind Money Connection“.


Click on the link above and enjoy my Great Mentor’s tele-seminar with David Neagle, who is an income-acceleration coach. Over the course of an hour, we talk about the mind-money connection. It is an invaluable session that explains how your thinking might be keeping you from your abundance.  Are you charging enough for your products or services? Have your limited beliefs around money been preventing you from achieving the success of your dreams?

David’s Las Vegas seminars have transformed people’s businesses — and their lives —david-neagle-vegas07.jpg by providing eye-opening coaching to challenge our notions around money and success. (GET A FREE DOWNLOAD OF David’s 3-part Art of Success workshop — the one that started me down the path to success.)

  • Join David and Geri as they talk about how to recognize and free yourself from all limited beliefs about money, thus allowing for money to flow to you more easily in 2008.

LEARN HOW TO ACHIEVE A HIGHER LEVEL of SUCCESS NOW. Click to download or listen online to our Great Mentors Audio Program.

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