delicious-peace-coffee.jpgIn Uganda, one man went to his neighbors and his friends and brought together three groups of people – Christian, Muslim and Jewish – to put aside old differences and create a coffee cooperative that now boasts some 700 members of all three faiths.  The result: They named their coffee Mirembe Kawomera, which means, “Delicious Peace.” You don’t even have to like coffee to drink this in…

“When Thanksgiving Coffee Company’s CEO Paul Katzeff learned of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative, he said, “This is the greatest coffee story ever told. We will buy all of your coffee and share your dream of peace with the world. This coffee belongs directly in the hands of people who will help us build peace.”

“This is not business as usual. Mirembe Kawomera “Delicious Peace” Coffee comes directly from the hands of the farmers, to the hands of our Roastmaster, right into your cup. Now, with every pound and every cup, we are forging a more just and personal relationship between coffee farmers and coffee drinkers.

“Mirembe Kawomera coffee began with one man’s dream and now involves hundreds of people of different backgrounds working in unity to do something together that none could do alone. Together we are moving a mountain of coffee: 112,000 pounds—the entire crop produced by Peace Kawomera’s 705 farmers. Across the country, people are spreading this story and bringing Delicious Peace coffee into their places of worship, offices, schools and more. This community includes Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, mothers, writers, Rotary members, journalists, teachers, filmmakers, politicians, musicians, and children. One by one, each is doing their part to build the market for Delicious Peace.

Start a Monthly Buying Club

Delicious Peace is looking for individuals to help them grow peace by inspiring your community to create an ongoing relationship with the Peace Kawomera Cooperative, to provide lasting support for the dreams and livelihoods of the farmers and their families. The ultimate way to provide ongoing support for the Cooperative is to organize your community into a monthly buying club. A buying club is a group of people who join together to order their coffee. By placing one group order, you can receive wholesale discounts on orders of 20 packages or more, and you save on shipping costs by distributing the coffee through one central location.

You can also use the coffee as a fundraiser for your organization or school by placing a wholesale order and reselling it at our suggested retail price.

To get involved, contact Holly at (800) 462-1999 ext 49, or [email protected]
More info on the Delicious Peace website.  (Thanks to Mike for recommending this inspiring story)

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