Dell Computer became the superstar of electronics recycling by announcing Wednesday it will provide everyone in the world with free recycling for old Dell PCs. It will even provide free collection service right to your doorstep.


That makes Dell the first computer company to offer the service for no charge on all machines it has sold. It previously offered free recycling only with the purchase of new Dell products… Dell already offers the program in Europe, where it was mandated by the European Union. It will offer the free recovery in the U.S. by September and throughout the rest of the world by November. (Austin American-Statesman)

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  1. This is a great move!
    I was sitting on an old Dell that I have not used in years and now I can get rid of it knowing that it will not be topping a landfill.
    I’d be very curious to know if Dell offers any protection or services ensuring that PC’s hard drives will be destroyed and will not get into the wrong hands. Dell may have to do something in this area to avoid the bad publicity Best Buy has been having recently.

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