A real-life Lassie saved the lives of two men who had overturned their Ford pickup truck and were lying injured in the cold.

Reports are saying she is being treated to venison and back-scratches—a fitting reward for the faithful canine who braved the cold and high-speed traffic to save her owner.

Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, attracted the attention of the police as she was loitering on an embanked stretch of I-89 connecting New Hampshire to Vermont. Trooper Sandberg and other officers of the Lebanon Police Department made attempts to corral her and get close, but she kept running away, eventually leading them to a damaged section of guardrail.

“They were trying to get the dog off of the highway to keep it safe,” NH State Police Lt. Dan Baldassarre explained to local news. “The dog stood at the top of the embankment and looked down.”

When they followed her lead they saw a badly damaged overturned pickup truck with two injured occupants nearby who had been ejected from the vehicle.

At the scene, Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police Officers called for medical assistance and found the two men to be suffering from hypothermia. It was then they learned that the German Shepard, named Tinsley, belonged to one of the injured occupants of the truck.

“It quickly became apparent that Tinsley led Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police to the crash site and injured occupants,” NHSP said on their Facebook page. 

“This was almost like a real-life Lassie situation,” Baldassarre said. “It’s really quite remarkable. This dog definitely saved their lives. I don’t think they would have survived the night given the temperatures.”

A Facebook commenter agreed, citing the heroics as proof we don’t deserve dogs.

“She’s my little guardian angel,” said Cam Laundry, her owner. “It’s a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did.”

(WATCH the WPTZ video for this story below.)

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