hp-recycling.jpgScientists in Romania and Turkey are seeking ways to remove toxic materials from electronics so these scrap materials can be safely recycled for use in fuel, plastic and other useful consumer products. (Live Science Special) Thanks to Carrie for thinking of us, and sending the link!


  1. Instead of designing “things” to last (cars, computers, cell phones,light builds, everything basically) which could be done with modern technology, things are designed with planned obsoletism built in. The reason is that is makes for better consumerism which is the bedrock of capitalism which is the underbelly of democracy. Yet why couldn’t industry flourish with an “upgrade system” built into everything. It could even go as far as how things “look” (upgrade to new casings etc.) yet the innards stay intact hopefully eliminating toxic waste. I realize that the human being is hardwired to “build a better mousetrap” and perhaps this couldn’t work psychologically. Maybe the human experience is all about “solving problems” thus the need for problems to solve. If that is the case then we are right on track. The more sophisticated we get, the more challenging the problems get. Which kind of boils down to being “busy”. So is that what life is about? Being busy?

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