elves watch Hobbit trailor reactionWhen the new trailer came out last week for the “Hobbit” sequel, “The Desolation of Smaug”, two fans decided to record their reactions to seeing it for the first time — complete with squeals and gasps of shock.

The pair, who run a video blog called “The Happy Hobbit”, posted the video to OneRing.net, and it was forwarded to Hobbit director Peter Jackson. Jackson was so tickled by the girls’ reaction to his trailer that he showed superstar actor Orlando Bloom and his elvish co-stars. Here’s the good part: he filmed their reactions to the original reactions.

Thus was born a back-and-forth series of videos chocked full of adorable outbursts.

Naturally, this doesn’t end there. On Wednesday, the Happy Hobbiters were back — with a video of them reacting to watching the video of the actors reactions — a tangle they refer to it as “Hobbit-ception,” a reference to the dream-within-dream film “Inception”.  (It includes a mild curse or two.)

(WATCH the videos below or READ the story at TODAY)

THIS is the first video, with the girls watching the trailer (6:57):

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