maltese-poodle.jpgA growing body of scientific evidence suggests that dogs and cats can sniff out cancer. What about blood clots?

When a Maltese poodle began furiously licking Mary Phillips’ right temple as though it had been smeared with bacon grease, it was a clear sign to the hospice nurse that her headache was serious.

The unlikely gesture, Phillips said, convinced her to go to the emergency room where doctors discovered a brain aneurysm the size of a walnut.

She’s been a hospice nurse for 14 years and has seen animals behave in peculiar ways as death drew near, she said.

(Read the full story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch)


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  1. what a cool story – I remember reading another story about a dolphin headbutting a person in a spot on her body – when the doctors checked it out, that person had a tumour in that exact spot – but had had no symptoms of illness – they said the dolphin saved that persons life – animals seem to be more than just our friends, perhaps they are also our guardians

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