Got any spare laptops lying around?

Now you can donate the key for business success to a mom opening an internet café or a repairman needing a better filing system–on the other side of the world.

In this amazing modern digital age, it can be easy to take technology and it’s benefits for granted. Some are not as fortunate to have the same access to electronics that are essential to cutting-edge thinking.

Globetops is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that meets the needs of both low-income innovators and people looking for a meaningful way to recycle their computers. Entrepreneurs from Guinea, East Africa Haiti, Nepal, India–and the U.S.– can submit brief profiles on their ideas, stating the possibilities that could come from owning a laptop. After that, donors can choose to support their favorite cause by shipping off their old machine for better use.

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The founder of Globetops, Becky Morrison, partnered with Northern Lights editor Chris Carson to make a video illustrating just how much of an impact their donations have made.

“I’m very passionate about depicting images of people in the developing world who are not needy and suffering, but who are passionate and powerful,” says Morrison. “There are people doing big things throughout the world, who simply don’t have the resources that they need.”

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The heartwarming clip shows the recipients grinning from ear to ear and hugging the newly-gifted tech to their chests.

Donate a computer on the Globetops website, or contribute money for delivery fees and laptop batteries.

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