Over the last month, the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma have been puzzled by a series of digital billboards all sporting the same simple, but sweet message: “Amy, I love you more!”

Many people believed the message derived from a begging husband asking for forgiveness over some untold grievance—but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

41-year-old Josh Wilson had originally signed a year-long lease on the billboards back in January as a means of advertising his company, Living Water Irrigation. Upon reviewing his data in August, however, Wilson found that the billboards weren’t helping his business very much.

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Since his contract required him to continue paying for the ads until January, he simply decided to use the billboards to tell Amy Jones, his wife of two years, just how much he loved her.

“I’m not in trouble. I’m not in the doghouse,” Wilson told FOX23 with a laugh. “I’m just in love with my wife.”

It took Amy a few weeks to notice the signs, but when she finally did, she was incredibly touched by her husband’s sweet gesture; although she later told him that he should replace the digital message with a photo of their dogs instead.

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