elderlyorganhands.jpgSometimes, just when you need it most, you come across a story you couldn’t make up if you tried.

My Mother Yvonne was a master positive thinker, a woman of faith, and could have written circles around The Secret. She prayed fervently, visually, with feeling and energy, daily, and always for positive change. She read inspirational stories every day. She also prayed that she would die in her sleep. Contrary to being a negative thing, dying in one’s sleep, in old age, sure beats all the other painful options! My Mother gave this wish of hers a daily hopeful focus, a basic law of attraction strategy.

She had begun experiencing what she called ‘spells’ in her seventies. We, in fact, found her blue and unconscious on more than one occasion. One day, well into her 80’s, she had another episode. I found her unconscious, and thankfully, she awakened quickly once back in her bed. Subsequently, she had cardiac testing and was found to have a serious heart condition, called a heart block.

Blind, frail and now in her late 80’s, sitting in the cardiologist’s office in her wheelchair, she learned of the foreboding diagnosis that threatened her life.

The doctor ominously informed her that she needed a pacemaker, while he whispered to me that she might have a year or so to live.

After hearing about what the doctor called a small operation, she asked, “Well, what will happen if I don’t take the pacemaker?”

“You will fall asleep and not wake up,” the doctor replied.

“Perfect! That’s what I have always prayed for.”

And home we went.

She died at the age of 94, in her sleep, just as she had hoped, prayed and wished for.

Mom taught me to decide what I really wanted, and to get on with it. We knew that we had to do something to achieve our goals. We were taught to have faith, and to be grateful. She never used the term ‘law of attraction’, yet she lived it, in a million ways.

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  1. I love this story and it has brought peace into my heart today. My mom, also in her 80’s is going through a similar situation. She does not want to go through painful heart surgery with a long and risky rehab time. We are asking God and all the angels for quality of life and then when it is time, let her pass over in her sleep. I am so sorry for your loss, but I appreciate you sharing this sweet, sweet story.

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