For a happier Earth Day, read four stories from the states, where in Washington, Illinois and Georgia, beautiful areas of the United States are being protected and efforts are being launched to mitigate global warming… Happy day, Earth!

Trust Unveils Nature Preserve In Illinois

"Four hundred thirty acres of native forest and limestone bluffs, overlooking the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, will be permanently protected as a nature preserve," benefitting the 11 threatened species that live there, it was announced Thursday… (St. Louis Today)

Washington Legislature Passes Measure Encouraging Cleaner-Burning Fuels

"The Washington state Legislature on Friday passed a measure that encourages the use of cleaner-burning fuels — both through research and replacing or retrofitting diesel buses," including incentives to replace old buses with new ultra-low-sulfur buses and the goal for "all state agencies and local governments to use 100 percent alternative fuels by 2015." (Seattle P-I)

Trees and Land Protected by Georgia Legislature

"A bill that would have allowed billboard companies to clear-cut in front of their signs was defeated" last month. (Atlanta Journal Constitution) And, thanks to a thumbs-up vote in the Senate on Friday, pristine southern end of Jekyll Island will be preserved from development. (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Thanks to GNN-i fan, SG, for the heads up on the Georgia stories!

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