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  1. So here we go again. Shame on you “Good” News Network. Why don’t you state how much it cost? How much in total? How the system can only supply power to 30,000 homes FOR ONE HOUR!! And why don’t you state how much, how long, power can be supplied by the Telsa system to just 3,000 homes? Why don’t you publish how many homes in total are in that territory? What about all the mining costs involved it took to make the batteries? How about how long the batteries will last (20 years tops), then new batteries have to be installed again. Cost? Total dollars spent? Cost to operate per year? Come on “Good” News Network do your job.

  2. GNN did not write this article. It was reprinted with permission from Newsweek.

    If you’d like to write an article for us, we would surely consider publishing one that is more in depth.

  3. Johnker– YOU sounded very rude. No inquest is needed here–If you do not see any ‘Good News’ in hearing that Tesla has helped provide power to those in need–then just ignore it! Go back to your fault finding old life, and let the good people who provide this ‘good news’ to us–alone. Occasionally they may show something that SOME OTHER REPORTING AGENCY left unclear and incomplete. Short and sweet is just fine with most ALL of us who come here for some relief from the daily HORROR in the media. I DON’T CARE how much it costs. WHO do you think paid for it anyway? The Govt. that ORDERED IT!