As a means of keeping a “cheeky” native parrot species from causing trouble on local roadways, a group of conservationists have constructed a set of roadside gyms for the birds to play with.

Kea alpine parrots, which are native to New Zealand, have been called the smartest parrot species in the world. Their impressively high IQ compels the birds to search for constant intellectual stimulation.

This is why the parrots are notorious for playing with cars – and even moving road cones into traffic.

Some have even speculated that the reason the Keas move the cones into traffic is to force cars to slow down so they can beg tourists for food.

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In order to keep the mischievous birds busy, the roadside gyms are replete with playthings ranging from ladders, swings, and climbing frames to water toys and puzzles containing food. Though the gyms will eventually lose their appeal, they will be updated every few months with new attractions.

The University of Canterbury, Downers New Zealand, the Kea Conservation Trust, and the Department of Conservation have so far set up three gyms on the South Island in hopes that the playgrounds will keep the birds happy and safely off the streets.

(WATCH the parrots in action in the compelling BBC video below)

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