As a means of reaching out to each other across idealogical barriers, animal rights activists joined together with slaughterhouse workers to sit down and share a vegan Christmas feast earlier this week.

Photos of the dinner were posted to the Friendsnotfood Facebook page, where the activists explained the unlikely event by saying that “only light can dispel darkness” and “only love can dispel hate.”

“We are not there to have a fight with slaughterhouse workers or drivers,” they added. “We are there for the animals and the planet. If the demand stops, the slaughterhouse will stop.”

The activists regularly visit the Tulip Slaughterhouse in Bristol, England on Mondays and Tuesdays to “show love, kindness, comfort and compassion to the pigs” before the animals are led to the butcher’s block.

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The group members hope that by raising awareness for vegan lifestyles and animal rights through their visits, more people will opt for plant-based diets.

Though their post about the meal received some controversy, the advocates simply said that they would rather enforce change through compassionate outreach and kindness.

“As always, there are various people trolling and criticizing,” the page wrote in a comment. “My advice to them is to focus their energies on positivity rather than negativity. Good things are happening.”

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