frankenstein.jpgI received some bad news recently when told by several readers that they were getting dozens of — in one case 107 — emails in a span of a couple minutes sent by the new software we’ve installed to manage subscriptions for our new membership site. We are trying to get this crazy bug fixed (Frankenstein in a box), and in the meantime, I am turning off the notifications, which are supposed to send single emails at a point 7 days prior to expiration of a free-trial or a subscription renewal.

I apologize for this hassle and I hope people don’t hold it against the site believing it to be typical of operations. Normally, we HATE spam and do not send anything to members that isn’t necessary or inspired.


  1. No worries Geri. As with everything new, there’s bound to be mistakes or something that does not go according to plan. The GOOD NEWS is it can be fixed and I appreciate you taking the time and effort to rectify this and let readers know what is going on. Keep up the GOOD NEWS!

  2. Geri,

    I was one of the one who received a ton of email from you. My mailbox was filled with Good News! That’s a great thing!

    I love this website (great job) and I’ve been promoting it to everyone I know.

  3. Good News on Monday morning — I think we fixed it!! Users due to receive notification last night received only one each according to our logs. . . Gosh, it was a tiny text mistake in the code, we assume now, becaause that is the only thing he could find out of line. We decided to let it go one more night to see if they stopped because of the correction.

    Woo Hoo!

    Off topic, Oh my gosh Alex, that is an awesome picture of you! You must be greek with that last name, but do you live there?

    That looks like Santorini … I designed a 3 week vacation there with my husband 4 years ago. Santorini was super. Crete, Montmevasia, Naplion and Athens… oh my what a wonderful time…

  4. Hi Geri,

    You are right ….that’s Santorini. If you’ve been there, you can’t mistake it. I’m half Greek (the other half is Italian) but I live in Pennsylvania. I was just visiting Santorini. What a great place. Can’t wait to go back. I have lots of family in Greece and have been there countless times…. I’ve been to all the places you visited. That fortress at Monemvasia is pretty awesome. I have video footage of a group of us climbing that place. What a great view at the top.

    By the way, we’ve chatted before via phone….

    Talk to you soon.

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