newspaper vendorThe International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) launched a new website today ( to promote its Ethical Journalism Initiative (EJI) Campaign.


In and of itself this is good news. In fact, this is great news, this Campaign is about making the core values of journalism an integral part in today’s media worldwide. Its focus is on telling the truth and being independent and fair, as well as placing a focus on humanity and solidarity. A very noble cause, that if managed to be upheld deserves the utmost respect and admiration.

The IFJ claims that in troubled times of political tension, social conflict and economic turbulence people yearn even more for reliable and quality information. This may be true, although I am of the opinion that people always want reliable and quality information, no matter what the circumstances might be. The IFJ also believe journalists are the ones who are able to provide the in-depth analysis, relevant context and reliable commentary that keeps citizens informed. That is exactly what journalists are supposed to do and they are to report their findings as objectively, independently and fairly as they possibly can.

Unfortunately in the past this has been shown to be difficult to achieve, see for example Bernard Goldberg’s book on ‘Bias’. In his book Goldberg reveals how the media distorts the news, preferring entertainment over hard news and the failure time and time again to report objectively. However the intent of this new campaign is very good, so let’s hope this new IFJ Campaign lives up to its promises and expectations and brings on some real changes!


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