10 years ago today, a cool-headed pilot, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, made an emergency landing in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Not wanting to endanger any pedestrians below, Sully steered the jet into the river—and soon the crew had evacuated all 155 passengers without casualty. The US Airways Airbus A320 malfunctioned after four geese flew into the engines at an elevation of 2000-foot/640 meters. Afterward, Sully said… (2009)

Photo by Greg L, CC license

He was surprised by all the accolades and attention the event received and said, “I realize how this event had touched people’s lives, how ready they were for good news, how much they wanted to feel hopeful again. We’ve had a worldwide economic downturn, and people are confused, fearful and just so ready for good news.”

Years later, Clint Eastwood made a film starring Tom Hank, that was based on Sullenberger’s memoir, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters.

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • The British Museum opened (1759)
  • Robert Morris argued before the U.S. Congress for decimal coins (1782)
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first sorority for black women was established (1908)
  • US President Nixon ceases offensive actions in Vietnam (1973)

90 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights leader and Nobel laureate, was born in Atlanta. He led the Montgomery bus boycott at age 26, established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and worked for 13 years to peacefully end segregation. His “I Have a Dream” speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC was one of the most powerful and inspiring events in America’s History. (1929)

And, on this day in 2001, Wikipedia was launched on the Web by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikipedia-logo-small

The free online encyclopedia is in the form of a wiki, a website that allows editing of its content by users directly from a web browser. One peer-reviewed study in the British journal Nature found that Wikipedia is about as accurate on the subject of science as the Encyclopedia Britannica, after a comparison of 42 topics in each publication. Run by the nonprofit, Wikimedia Foundation and supported by user donations and grants, Wikipedia is one of the top ten most visited websites in the world, with over 38 million articles in 250 languages.

Also, on this day in 1967, the firstSuper Bowl’ was played between the rival American Football Conference and the National Football Conference to determine the best NFL team.

The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs by a wide margin — 35 to 10—in the championship game, which wouldn’t be called the Super Bowl until later. The following year, the Green Bay Packers (the only non-profit team in the NFL) won again, beating the Oakland Raiders by the score of 33–14.

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