apology note from ex addict who robbed Asian grocerOwners of an Asian market in Nashville were stunned last week when a man came into their shop insisting they take an envelope. When they finally opened it they found $400 cash and a letter of apology from a thief who had once robbed their store.

Somboon Wu said that indeed someone had taken $300 from them more than a decade ago. The letter, which he posted on Twitter and Instagram, explained that the man was once a drug addict and now that he is sober, he wants to make amends with those he’s hurt.

Wu told WSMV News, “We just want to let him know if he’s watching, wherever life takes you, we forgive you for what you did.”

(READ the story in the Daily Mail)


  1. Wow; it shot me back years ago to my father’s store. My father had a jewelry store on Sansom street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and on that morning my father went to get the mail In one of the letters was an apology from someone who had stolen a ring from the store years ago. That person wrote that he was sorry and he found to his surprise that the ring never made him happy and he finally realized it was because he had stolen it. When he realized that my father’s store was still there he knew he had to make it right so that he would have peace.

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