A man fishing in Nanoose Bay near Vancouver Island happened upon a juvenile bald eagle floundering in the water.

He recorded video of the amazing rescue during which the bird tries to swim toward the boat.

After the man turned off the motor and showed him a ledge on the back of the boat, it grabbed on by a wing.

Then, you can hear the fisherman thinking aloud about what to do next.

Because the man did all the right things, the malnourished eagle is now in the capable hands of the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.

(WATCH the incredible video below)

Photo via screenshot by Youtube/irsrugby1 – Story tip from Brigitte B.


  1. Next time for others…please put the camera/video phone down and help the animal or person first. The bird came to you seeking help. I’m glad you helped, but I was annoyed that you kept filming with one hand more concerned to get the video. Please put your phones down and help!

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