We asked our readers to tell us their favorite quirky “mom-isms” (using the hashtag #MyMomism) and the results were a rollicking romp down “Really?” lane. See if you find these as hilarious as we do…

One day, I was talking with my mom, and used the expression “Don’t get your shorts in a knot.” She had never heard it before and liked it, but when she tried to use it on a later occasion, she couldn’t remember the phrase, so she said, “Don’t get your underwear in an uproar.” I like her version better, and use it myself. –Karen Operabuffa

When we would do something a little risky, like swing really high and jump off, she would say, “Are you tired of living?” –Ellen Mocarski Bedford

“Who did it and ran?” Her favorite thing to say when something got broken, disappeared, or generally went wrong in the house.  –Li-Anne Fiore

“Do you live in the Colosseum? Shut the door!” –Pierina Bevilacqua

“Girls, I’m cold. Go put your sweaters on!” –Noreen Noni Heikes

Ha ha. All moms of young children can relate to this one:  “Go to bed. I’m tired.”–Li-Anne Fiore

When my mom was really annoyed with us and wanted to get us out of the house she would tell us to ‘go play jacks on Grand River Ave’ (Detroit). LOL! –Trisha Clow York

I know this gruesome, but I always laughed… She would say, “I’m going to rip off your arm and beat you over the head with the bloody end of it.”  –Shelly D Fullerton

“What are you, helpless or hopeless?” (As a kid, I’d think real hard and never could figure it out. No matter which one I chose, my Ma would always laugh.)  –Sandi IneedCoffee

“Clear the table! This is why your father and I had kids, so we don’t have to clear the table.” –Tracy Lynn Grillo

My favorite momism is this random phrase that my mom made up called “toot toot shaboogie.” Even though I have no idea what it means, I still love that little quirk about her. –Anna Hamilton

Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, mom would say, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” –Amy Littlefield Svanberg

As a kiddo running out the door, I heard, “Put your manners in your pocket!” –Amy Littlefield Svanberg

When my brother and I would argue and yell for my mom – expecting her to step in and settle the argument – she’d sweetly yell back, “Just don’t get blood on the furniture!”  (We realized she had no intention of stepping in, and we learned how to work through our own disagreements.) –Michele Boyd

In response to our tall tales, mom always replied, “And another cow flew by.”  –Mary McNabb

When she’s fed up with something or really tired, Mom always says, “I can’t go another further!” Now it [sometimes] comes out of my mouth … lol –Marcia Whyte

We were watching a John Wayne western, as we often did on Sundays, when suddenly my Mom looked at the TV and said “He looks so good. He must have made that (film) before he died.” –Karen Towey Sulprizio

My favorite of my mom’s (Grandma Dow) is, “A little hair between your legs doesn’t make you a man” (or woman). –Maddy Brady

“A lack of planning on your part is not an emergency on my part.” –Maria Koshenina

“Some day you will understand, but I will be dead by then, so where’s the glory in that.” –Maddy Brady

“Mom would always say that she had “champagne taste and beer pockets.”  –Sue Kelly Sunny

Ordering in the drive thru, “Two tacos please….HARD and NORMAL!” –Kristin Pauline

Mom: How are you feeling?
Me (with a 2 month old first child): I’m ok – just tired.
Mom: “You’re gonna be tired for the rest of your life!” –Francesca Avelleyra

My mom loves giving me weird nicknames. She called me “Petunia” for years for no discernible reason. –Julia Shaw

We have a restaurant in our town called El Mezcal. Mom is 94 and her hearing isn’t so great any more. My siblings and I were trying to decide where to go to eat and my son recommended El Mezcal. My Mom chimed in and said “Elmer’s Cow? Where is that? I’ve never heard of it before!” To this day we call that place “Elmer’s Cow.” –Mary Lisa Weaver

We were a typical 50s family. Mom fully supported her husband, but there was little doubt she was truly the boss. Once a year, or so, my Mom needed to assert herself just a little. So she’d load up the trunk of her car with her stainless steel pots and pans. She’d be gone for the day and no one knew where she went. In later years my brother and I asked her about it. “Why always with the pots and pans?” Her answer? “Well I loved those pots and pans!”  –Jerre wegner

“How can one mama take care of five children, but five children can’t take care of one mama?” –Janelle Westerman Lirette

And that‘s a pretty good summary of motherhood, right there. 

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