Seven new action heroes for little girls are officially leveling the playing field.

Well, they aren’t exactly new. These Super Hero Girls from DC Comics are the classic caped women, Super Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and others, placed back in their high school days.

After making their debut at New York City’s annual Comic Con exhibition last week, the girl-powered line of new toys, animation and graphic novels are due to start flying around the globe at the end of this month.

Mattel manufactured the group of action figures for the line focused on girls up to age 12.

Dolls with Disabilities Designed to Make All Kids Feel Special

“There is a character to whom every girl can relate, no matter what stage of life in which she currently finds herself,” said Diane Nelson, President of both DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in a statement. “Girls want to experience the strength, action and optimism of Super Heroes, too.”

The animated series takes place at Super Hero High School, where, like Hogwarts for Wizards, kids with super powers attend the campus to hone their skills.

In the clip below from Comic Con, several of the women responsible for bringing the DC Super Hero Girls to life discuss what this new take on the characters means to the next generation of DC fans. See some animated shorts featuring the characters at DC Super Hero Girls.

(WATCH the video below from DC Comics)

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