flood-sisters.jpgLast year, our father was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Unfortunately, my sisters and I were all incompatible to donate, so we dreamed up the idea of using Craigslist to find our father a living donor. We had used it for selling jewelry, finding jobs, and for childcare, so we figured why not for dad — to find a kidney?

After a year and 4 months, much publicity, and over 100 responses, a stranger from Monterey, California, who was perusing the site to find a way to serve, decided to donate her kidney to our father. Today, he is living life to its fullest, thanks to her!

Out of our journey, we figured that if this were our challenge for us, it must also be the challenge of thousands of others who have a loved one trying to beat the clock against chronic renal failure. So, we launched a non-profit, “The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America” where we educate the world on kidney disease and organ donor awareness. We also provide matching services all across the US.

We’ve used Facebook to get the word out, and a couple weeks ago, we performed our first transplant through FloodSisters.org, for a 49 year-old retired police officer. Also, we watched as proud social-preneurs when our second transplant came to fruition, for a 72 year-old mother of a comedy writer in LA.

We can’t think of a better way to spread awareness to millions of others then by sharing our story with you on the Good New Network.

See the Craig’s List Story on GNN: Ailing Man Finds Kidney Donor on Craigslist (w/ Video)


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