Brittney and Briggs Fussy-weddings-AlixRaePhotography

Brittney Husbyn had already practiced walking down the aisle with her fiancé Briggs Fussy, but it was 20 years earlier.

The Minnesota man remembers the feisty little girl who couldn’t stand in one place during the wedding of his Godmother in 1995.

But he married her this weekend decades after they served as ring bearer and flower girl as children.

The couple, who didn’t know each other as juniors in high school, started dating, after Brittney recognized his name. Their families, especially the Godmother, who now claims credit for their marriage, were delighted. Each had a picture of them as 3-year-olds hung on their wall or tucked in a photo album.

(WATCH the video from KMSP in Minnesota, or READ the story in the NY Daily News)

Wedding photo by Alix Rae Photography, via Facebook

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