Red bow -Image by ppdigital MorguefileKnowing that even if a foster child is placed with a family, it doesn’t guarantee a Christmas gift under the tree, Frances Smith for 15 years has used her annual vacation to amass new dolls, clothes, bikes, and games for every child in the foster care system of Coweta County, Georgia.

For 500 to 600 foster children and vulnerable elderly adults, Smith, 64, has been a volunteer elf, in charge of the impressive Christmas Joy program.

To donate to the Joy Project, contact Frances Smith at 770-683-9217 or donate to the address below. She doesn’t accept cash or checks, but you can send toys or gift cards to:
Frances Smith – PO box 465 Newnan, GA 30264 (Newnan, not Newman)

(READ the story w/ photos in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

Image by ppdigital via Morguefile


  1. Hey, Timko!
    I searched a few Google pages until I found her phone number. It was a delight to talk to her on Dec 22. She said this year was just AWESOME! (She repeated that several times throughout our conversation.) Because of the Atlanta J-C article, there was such an outpouring this year. She ran out of foster children so found families who had lost their jobs and their kids weren’t going to get presents this year… She is winding up the project today (She has 9 adopted children herself and has to do Christmas shopping for them now! “Three of them are teens so you can imagine the amazing things they ask for.”) . . . She says she takes no monetary donations but can accept gift cards or donated items. “I’ll be doing it next year, Lord willing, and I don’t die…” She said one couple asked, “What do you really NEED for the kids.” She said, black baby dolls, “because we can’t get those here, and I want the little black girls to have black baby dolls.” The couple came back and deliver seventy-five black dolls!!

    I added the address and phone number in the article for you and others to donate. Wait til next year or send gift cards. ~ Geri

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