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With the United States rebuilding relations with Cuba, the Caribbean country is getting ready to receive a record number of tourists for the second year in a row; the wave of visitors has pushed the infrastructure of the island to the limit, hotels are packed, and the long lines in Havana international airport are becoming an issue.

To diminish the problem, the Cuban government announced the sale of the international sector of the airport – where over 50% of the tourists arrive – to the French company Aéroports de Paris.

The announcement states that the “partnership” includes modernization, expansion, and improvement of services according to the estimated amount of passengers. European investments like tourism, transportation, energy, and agriculture were part of the package to renegotiate Cuban debt. However, it didn’t mention details alluding to what kind of partnership it is or how much will be invested.

WATCHEmotional and Historic Video of First US Cruise in Decades Arrives in Cuba

With most of Cuban tourism coming from America, there has already been a flood of international visitors to the airport, and that figure has risen a staggering 80% since last year – during the first semester alone, there were 180,000 Americans, outnumbered only by Canadians.

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