beer_glass.jpgThe HandleBar in Pensacola, Florida is offering a free beer to anyone who votes. Customers must trade their “I Voted” stickers for the free drinks. This is the third year the HandleBar has offered a beer for a vote. (Pensacola News Journal)


  1. I don’t know…booze as an incentive to vote??? I have a hard time seeing that as a good thing. What if you don’t drink? Maybe they should just do what they do in Australia: fine people who don’t vote.

  2. I think non-votes should be counted as blank ballots in some countries. Basically saying you’re not satisfied with any of the choices and want the parties to elect new leaders first, if, say, 33% of people don’t vote or return blank ballots they have to start over again. This repeat would only happen once, otherwise that current leader could have his time in office unfairly extended.

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