Will my dreams ever come true? You bet they can. And best of all, a free service trusted by people since 2005 will help you get there.

In a world where communication and media are often impersonal, amid a cacophony of jumbled information, which is not always vetted or unbiased, we can feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we need a genuine and impartial guide to help us try to build our dream.

As each one of us is unique– from our way of thinking , our tastes, and how we want to express ourselves– we need a guide that truly caters to our individuation.

What is The Infogatherer?

The Infogatherer is a unique free service giving you a personalized plan to reach your dream, from direct contacts to unique ideas, tools and tips.

The Infogatherer was created in Southern California (USA) at the beginning of September 2005, to offer people hope in the endeavor of fulfilling their dream. Mr Gillon decided that there should be no charge for hope. He simply wanted to give people a fair chance to better their lives with their dream. Their most precious commodity is time, which is often lost surfing the net for countless hours to find your answers, only to end in confusion: infogatherer.com wants to help you find the answers.

Who is The Infogatherer?

The creator of The Infogatherer network is an author, teacher, martial artist, traveler, and gloriously happy family man, Mr. Gillon. He believed in social networking before such a concept existed. Confidante and mentor to many, enthusiast, and supporter to many more, including the Good News Network, Mr Gillon has committed himself to helping people realize their dreams, erase their fears, and discover their confidence. Recognized for his openheartedness and his discretion, Gillon has cemented a golden reputation as a trusted mentor. His experiences within the areas of Business, Commerce, Law, Self Defense and Mentoring in the USA and UK for the past twenty five years, as well as a Bachelor Applied Science degree in Administrative Management (Athens GA, USA) gives him the tools to tackle the most challenging queries and dole out advice for bettering one’s life.

Does it work?

Oh yes! Check the Testimonials page on the infogatherer/testimonials page.

So, if you want a break in your life by having that free shot to your better fate then do it. It is just a few clicks away…

Photo credit: Eneas via Flickr – CC


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