The United Nation’s COP22 climate change talks kicked off in Marrakech, Morocco on Monday with a tune of defiance and determination.

Of the many goals that were announced, the most prominent was France’s President Hollande declaration that all of the country’s coal-fired power plants would be closed by 2023.

France already generates 75% of its power from nuclear fission, while the other 15% is made up of hydro-electric and thermal energy. In 2003 alone, the Republic produced 22% of the European Union’s electricity.

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Among other statements made during the summit, the UK announced their own plans of eliminating their coal plants by 2025. Germany followed up with their aim to cut 95% of their greenhouse emissions by 2050.

“The role played by Barack Obama was crucial in achieving the Paris agreement,” said President Hollande, adding that it is “irreversible”. “We need carbon neutrality by 2050.”

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