Chalkboards 1917 screenshot KOKH

Chalkboards may be meant for temporary messages, but the illustrations adorning the blackboards at this Oklahoma school haven’t been erased in nearly one hundred years.

Construction workers renovating Emerson High School were surprised to find sketches and assignments from 1917 still in tact.

The blackboards had been covered by an earlier renovation, freezing the lessons where they ended for the day.

“I got goosebumps, and then I got tears in my eyes,” Principal Sherry Kishore told KOKH News. “And then I sat in here and just stared because it’s really like walking into a time capsule.”

The school tweeted photos of the discovery:




The school district plans to preserve the work that one teacher called “A looking glass into the teachings of 1917.”

(WATCH the KOKH-TV video below)  Photo: KOKH video – Story tip from Lynsie Buckmiller


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