The Fukushima 50 in hazmat suits ABC videoLike white knights, dressed in their hazmat suits, a band of 180 men have volunteered to continue working in extreme conditions, to help keep strangers safe from nuclear radiation at the Fukushima plant.

In groups of 50, they rotate into the dark confines of the plant, technicians on a mission to keep feeding the cooling sea water into the chamber without the help of electricity.

An outpouring of prayers and gratitude expressed especially by family members fill the social media sphere.

A 27-year-old woman whose Twitter name is @NamicoAoto tweeted earlier this week that her father had volunteered for Fukushima duty.

“I heard that he volunteered even though he will be retiring in just half a year… At home, he doesn’t seem like someone who could handle big jobs…but today, I was really proud of him.”

An admirer of the Fukushima crew tweeted, “Whatever’s the closest int’l equivalent to the Medal of Honor – Nobel Peace Prize? — The Fukushima 50 deserve that, and more,” he wrote.

(WATCH the video below, or read the story at ABC News)

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