While all eyes have been on Mavis Wanczyk for winning the $758 million Powerball lottery earlier this week, the store that sold her the winning ticket is in the spotlight as well.

That’s because the Pride Station and Store of Chicopee, Massachusetts is paying forward its $50,000 commission earned for selling the winning ticket—giving it all to local nonprofits and charities.

The lucky winner is Mavis Wanczyk, a 53-year-old hospital worker who immediately quit her job at the Mercy Medical Center in Springfield after a 32-year career.

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The Powerball jackpot, which she accepted in the lump sum of $336 million after taxes, was the largest undivided lottery win in American history.

Wanczyk says that the first thing she plans on doing is kicking back and relaxing after several decades of hard work.

If you would like to nominate a charity for a portion of the Pride Station donation, you can submit a nonprofit’s information through the store’s website.

(WATCH the video below)

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