eye-patients-w-tabin-by-ace-kvale.jpgTo cure the blind. It sounds impossible. Biblical even. And that’s exactly why Geoff Tabin—adventure climber, medical pioneer, human dynamo—is just the guy to do it.

Geoff Tabin leads a medical team organized by his Himalayan Cataract Project with the goal of conducting the largest eye surgery camp in Africa’s history, restoring sight to as many as 800 people.

The writer of Three Cups of Tea provides a great read as he features Geoff’s exciting and inspiring quest — seen on the cover of National Geographic magazine — trying to restore sight to most of the 150 million people who are functionally blind, but don’t need to be.  (Read the story at Nat’l Geo)

Photo credit: Eye patients w/ Dr. Tabin, courtesy of Ace Kvale

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