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A delivery network app that allows people to ship items with drivers already headed in that direction announced last week that it will provide free pickup and delivery for trips in and out of Baton Rouge—allowing free shipments of much-needed clothing, supplies and other non-perishable goods to friends and family affected by devastating floods.

Users of the Roadie app simply post items they want to send, and Roadie will cover the cost of delivery through its on-the-way community of drivers. Though they are waiving the usual fee for people sending stuff, the drivers will still get paid.

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Many of the items needed in the wake of the flood –like mattresses, furniture, appliances and household supplies– can be difficult or cost-prohibitive to ship. At the same time, thousands of vehicles are already driving along the I-10, I-12, and other major corridors around Baton Rouge on any given day. Roadie, Inc. aims to fill unused capacity in passenger vehicles by connecting people who have stuff to send with drivers already heading in the right direction.

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“Tens of thousands of homes have been lost or damaged in Baton Rouge, and now that the flood waters are receding, people are coming together to rebuild,” said Marc Gorlin, founder and CEO of Roadie. “Roadie was built around the concept of neighbors helping neighbors. If you have an extra couch or mattress in your basement in Houston, and your sister really needs it in Baton Rouge, then shipping hurdles shouldn’t get in the way.”

Roadie can also connect charities that want to help by making available those same drivers.

Download the app for your iPhone or Android at, set up a “gig”, select a driver and get your items on the road. Shipments can be tracked in real time on any device.

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As a way to earn extra cash, volunteers, students, church groups, or business travelers headed to Baton Rouge can capitalize on trips they’re already taking, while at the same time helping those in need. Drivers can download the app and bid on gigs that make sense for their schedules and itineraries. Plus, all miles driven for Roadie gigs qualify for a tax write-off and drivers enjoy benefits such as free roadside assistance, free food and drinks at Waffle House, and savings from other Roadie partners.

Since launching in January 2015, the company says its app has been downloaded by more than 250,000 people nationwide.

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