An injured woman was trapped in her wrecked car, and paramedics were having trouble communicating with her until a young girl came along to see what was happening.

Yesenia Diosdado, 10, realized the woman was deaf and immediately began to sign with her, asking if she was hurt.

The woman was able to tell the ten-year-old girl where she was hurt, a piece of information vital for the paramedics, who stood by astounded.buddy-bench-Travis Powell-submitted-to-Ashland Daily Press

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On Monday morning at her school paramedics presented Yesenia with a certificate of appreciation and a medal for her bravery.

Captain Chris Winger said the woman was given the proper treatment for her injuries much faster because of Yesenia’s help.

(WATCH the two videos  or READ the story from KCTV-5)

Story tip from Joel Arellano

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