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A Buffalo, New York teenager who was told she’d never be able to talk has found her voice – and it’s pitch-perfect.

19-year-old Amber Simone was born with a birth defect that required surgeries at just six months old – operations that doctors warned would potentially affect her ability to speak.

Amber’s surprising recovery saved her voice, and a friend recently recorded her singing at a pool party, and posted the video. Nobody expected it to get over two million views between Facebook and YouTube.

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“It’s hard to grasp,” Amber told WGRZ-TV. “I have confidence, but I never thought me sitting by the pool, a random video would be so viral.”

The Buffalo State College student is now studying music and psychology, and working with local producers on original songs.

(WATCH Amber perform below or READ more at WGRZ-TV) – Photo: WGRZ video

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