In a bid to curb plastic packaging, students are mailing wasteful snack wrappers back to the manufacturers with demands for more sustainable packaging.

At the suggestion of their city council, dozens of school girls from the Subbiah Vidyalayam Girls Higher Secondary School in Thoothukudi, India collected 20,244 snack wrappers over the course of two weeks.

The students then mailed the wrappers back to the respective companies with a letter reading: “We are happy with the taste and quality of your products, but unhappy with the plastic packaging. We want to ensure a safe environment for our future generations and minimize our plastic footprint.

“We have decided to collect used plastic wrappers of your products and send them to you for safe disposal,” they added. “Please help us savor your products without guilt, by introducing eco-friendly packaging.”

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Since national legislation states that snack companies are responsible for the disposal of their own packaging, the city council is reportedly demanding that these snack companies create an action plan to tackle their waste problem within the next two months.

According to Times of India, city council commissioner Alby John Varghese says that the initiative was a “grand success” and they intend to “extend the practice to other corporation and private schools” in the future.

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