What positive messages would you like to focus on today?

Be kind? Be happy? Be the change you wish to see in the world?inspirational-tattoo-Conscious-Ink-Facebook

All these uplifting reminders can be inked on your body for any special occasion or to help you manifest positive intentions anytime, thanks to a new temporary tattoo company.

The founder of Conscious Ink, Frank Gjata, enthusiastically believes that each one of their inspiring tats has the power to change the world.

“It’s a dream list of positive words, inspiring quotes, healing affirmations and empowering invitations,” reads the Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos website. “Even at the most basic level, these messages can have a profound effect on us by simply reminding us of our intentions as we go about our day–not to mention, how they may impact those who are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of your provocative ink and its message.”

The company provides phrases to support you through specific situations–like breakups, recovery, grief, or pregnancy–or for creating a new reality of abundance, healing or self-love.

Want to add an ink mantra? No problem! Just place the tattoo face-down on your skin, press a wet towel against the paper for 30 seconds, concentrate on your positive intention, and presto!tattoo-stay-strong-project semicolon FB

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On top of the tattoos’ aesthetically pleasing quality, each one is made with healthy, FDA-approved, non-toxic ingredients and can last up to 3-5 days.

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