Warren Buffett presented the Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Philanthropy to the couple who has given away more money than anyone in the history of humanity–Bill and Melinda Gates.

The Microsoft founder and his wife have poured $29 billion dollars into eradicating polio from the world, protecting Africans against Malaria, and even searching for the best toilet to help global sanitation efforts.Bill Gates water from feces-GatesNotesVideo

Ingenious Gates-Funded Machine Turns Feces Into Drinking Water


“I’ve studied the great foundations, whether it’s Rockefeller or Carnegie or Julius Rosenwald or George Eastman, Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, Henry Ford… But in no case did the founders of those foundations remotely pour the personal time and effort and brainpower into their foundations that Bill and Melinda have. They have been spending, and I’ve observed it, certainly 50 hours a week, maybe averaging 60 hours a week.”

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