wind turbines.jpgAugust marks a great milestone for the Good News Network. On August 31, ten years ago, I launched the world’s first comprehensive positive news service that today has become the #1 site on Google for uplifting news and opinion from around the world. All this month we will be rolling out new products, services and surprises in celebration of ten years of good news, starting right now, with the announcement that GNN-i servers are now powered entirely by the wind!

In July you may have noticed the absence of my weekly Top Ten Good News e-mail. This was connected to our decision to move the Good News Network Web site, containing ten years of articles and video, to new Web servers powered entirely by renewable wind energy.

I’m so pleased to announce our migration to the “green” servers at Sustainable Hosting, LLC. It may cost more money each month but I want to do my part to slow the onset of global warming. Today the move is being completed and I am ready to resume the mailing of weekly newsletters, but with a cleaner technology using environmentally responsible servers. (Look for its delivery later today.)

Warnings of catastrophic climate changes are important to hear, but it’s equally important to hear about the successful steps taken to prevent them. Our most important contribution has been ongoing for years, when we’ve shown you all the compelling examples of big corporations and governments around the world taking action to reduce emissions and create change, like this one from Spain, this one about McDonald’s, this one introducing the electric SUV, and the one that says CO2 emissions declined last year in the U.S. 1.3 percent.

Question for you: Is it a comfort to hear news stories that help you to realize we just might be getting through this crisis without losing our coastlines?

While you enjoy your morning coffee that refreshes your body, why not enjoy a “Daily Dose of News to Enthuse” that comforts your mind, as well?



  1. Geri you really set the example there. I did not know such hosting existed until now, it’s great.

    The bad news has it’s purpose. That’s true optimal thinking!!

    Fact is we all need more Good News that makes us feel better, and inspires other people to act. It not always be super cool but those in know, know how good it feels to give. I bet hosting your sites on wind power gives you an awesome feeling.

    In the words of Robert – Go Geri!

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