jumping-beach.jpgI am writing to let you know about a life-affirming income opportunity that is just now taking off — and I have jumped aboard!

(Sorry, but, this opportunity is only available to residents of Canada, U.S. and Mexico.)

Though some of you have jobs you love — yoga instructor, life coach, entrepreneur, teacher — most of these, not even the noble business I’ve built, the Good News Network, could sustain itself if I were to lose my good health, become disabled, or get sued for millions of dollars.

We could all benefit from additional thousands of dollars each month in income that never goes away even if crisis should strike, however, the real beauty of the brand new venture I’ve joined is that involvement not only promises extra income, but also improved health and freedom from fear.

There are two men — giants in their fields of business and health — who have joined forces, determined to create a billion dollar brand, while sharing the opportunity with the rest of us. (Theirs is a rising tide of good fortune. Imagine if you had bought hundreds of shares of Apple, Inc. 15 years ago!)

One of the men, a hero of mine and perhaps the best known spiritual-wellness doctor on the planet, is Deepak Chopra. The other man is a Chicago billionaire businessman who lives in the apartment below Oprah (and she is involved, as well).

I’m so excited about my involvement and simply wanted to give you a heads-up about its potential, in case you want to join, too. After all, you have supported GNN, and I want to help you succeed, if I can.

I am setting up a conference call to give you a full description so you can decide for yourself if you are interested.

Call in next Thursday, June 3, 2010. (It will be a long distance call for most of us.) All the details will be explained in about 40 minutes and we will answer your questions afterward.

I will post a reminder the previous day, but mark your calendar now. If the time or day is inconvenient, you can simply call anytime after the conference is finished, to hear a recording of the call. (See dial-in info at the END of this post, which is different from the LIVE call-in number.)

LIVE Conference Call
Thursday, June 3
Dial-in Number:       (641) 715-3200
Access Code:      920659#

If you cannot wait a week to hear about the opportunity, and you absolutely are open to the possibility that your life can change for the better when you believe it can, we can arrange to meet one-on one in the next few days via telephone.

However, I don’t have the time to answer a hundred individual e-mail questions, so for those, we’ll connect next Thursday and you can get all the answers in one hour.

** NOTE: The conference call line can only handle 96 people so please call in early for guaranteed access! I’ll be there to greet you.

Here’s wishing you prosperity, good health and joy!

~ Geri Weis-Corbley
(Founder, editor, Good News Network)

Conference Playback (to hear the recording in the days following the LIVE event)
Playback Number:      (641) 715-3413
Access Code:      920659

  AFTER THE CALL, if you would like help getting involved, email me, so we can contact you: mailto:[email protected] – Use subject: Contact Me!

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