Feedback can be a scary word, especially for corporations that get an earful from their most furious customers, but what if there was an easy way to tell businesses what they’re doing right? Introducing GoodSnitch.

The GoodSnitch app allows mobile users to give positive feedback to any organization found in Google’s index. A quick 30 second survey is all it takes to share thoughts and highlight employees that have done a great job.

In the past, giving feedback was time consuming and the only ones willing to endure the process were those with negative comments. Goodsnitch Founder Rob Pace discovered through a study  that a speedy survey produces 80 percent more feedback. Plus, those comments skew 90 percent positive.

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Last year,  Tennessee Oncology, one of the largest physician-owned practices, successfully implemented the app to overwhelming applause. “Patients seem to love the simplicity of the tool and genuinely want to recognize those that are helping them through a challenging period,” noted Carolyn Craig who oversaw it’s roll-out.

Another great example is Albany, Oregon, the first U.S. city to encourage employee excellence through use of the app. “GoodSnitch is a simple tool that people can use to provide valuable, constructive comments about services provided by local government,” said city manager Wes Hare. “We like the whole concept and are proud to be a partner.”

Pace sees his app creating a virtuous cycle initiated when a citizen feels empowered and heard.  More than 800 employees of Albany have now been hailed as “heroes.”

From religious institutions,  to restaurants to fitness chains, the app has been making its mark.

According to research by Bersin & Associates, companies spend $46 billion dollars a year on employee recognition programs. GoodSnitch has made the process easier and cost free — and fun.

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