College Grads traveled across the country interviewing people who love their jobs. Their tour just ended and Brett says they are tired but looking forward to the future (though with some trepidation). The Good News Network caught up with them in Washington, D.C mid-way through their cross-country pursuit for people with passion… (seattletimes)


  1. Hi Geri, this is HUGE, one of the most useful posts you have had and that is saying a lot. It has been said “success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” and I think we all agree with that. I like the idea of the students researching what has worked in order to follow that path. We are taught to study history to avoid repeating it, but I believe we should study history IN ORDER TO REPEAT IT. If we see something that works, we should copy it. Success leaves clues, follow them to your dream. In fact I just posted a new One Minute Motivator video on youtube that speaks to this and here is the link:

    OK, Geri, thanks again, Ed Smith

  2. That’s brilliant. You do it b/c you love it. Experiment and find what you want. Not for the money as the main motivation. Often the the money comes because you are good at it. Great stuff!

  3. When I first heard from Brett asking if the Good News Network wanted to do a story on Pursue the Passion, I LOVED the idea. It’s inspiring when people do something out of the ordinary like these young men did. And, now, they will inspire people with a book (they hope), a documentary, and public speaking, as well.

    What a great inspiration it was, and I am so glad I devoted the 4 hours to actually editing the footage I shot when I went to meet them. It is a really fun story. (I have shot three other inspiring stories in the past two years and have not taken the time to edit these into videos!) bu-sy, bu-sy…

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