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At least 20 kids have recovered from years of bullying thanks to a special “safe school” founded by a pair of grandparents in the U.K..

Three years ago, Fred and Vivian Morgan turned their 10-bedroom home into a private school called Northleigh House School in Hatton, Warwick, in order to give the kids a safe place to learn and heal.

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Half of the children struggle with severe depression, and all of the kids that come to them are usually so troubled from their experiences with bullying that they are unable to function at their normal school.

One of the students, who gave wrong answers in class to keep bullies from picking on him, completed the Morgan school a “straight A” student.

“When they leave here, they’re like normal happy, laughing teenagers, and they’ve caught up on their work,” Vivian told the Telegraph.

northleigh house school graffiti youtubThe kids, aged 11 through 16, spend a year at the school learning English, math, science, and piano, all taught by a staff of 22 part-time employees.

There’s even an Italian therapist on staff, in case the kids want to flex their bi-lingual muscles.

The Morgans ask the kids to stay in touch in case they ever need help when they return home.

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