Boston’s Grille Zone may be the first burger joint in the nation to be certified green, composting all its cups, plates, and cutlery while aiming for zero-waste and 100% sustainability. "There are no trashcans in our eating area. We have a compost receptacle and a recycling receptacle. We don’t even own a dumpster," says its founder.

Ben Prentice and Barry Baker opened the Boston restaurant in June of 2007 with an eco-focused business plan. To reduce its carbon footprint, Grille Zone utilizes compostable materials, buys food locally, and utilizes the most energy efficient restaurant equipment available. As a result, Grille Zone currently produces an average of no more than 15 lbs of waste per day, which fills about one half of a standard 55 gallon trashbag. According to the Green Restaurant Association, the average restaurant produces around 275 lbs of waste each day.

Grille Zone, at 1022 Commonwealth Ave in Boston serves affordable Americana food items, (fresh, never frozen), most of which are locally sourced. The menu includes freshly ground Certified Hereford Beef (TM) hamburgers, fresh hand cut French Fries (cooked in zero-trans fat oil), super premium frappes, authentic German frankfurters, sodas made with real sugar cane and locally baked artisan rolls and buns.

Supporting a green restaurant won’t take much green from your pocket. Burgers are priced at $5.95. The typical check average is about $10. Read a CS Monitor story about how the eco-hip atmosphere attracts clientele who are thrilled to be helping to improve the world with every bite. (Thanks to Steve Ghent for the tip!)

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