green-microgym.jpgA gym in Portland, Ore., will use exercise equipment to generate electricity. In Adam Boesel’s green gym, people will not only slim their waistlines, they will also shrink their carbon footprint: As they pedal an exercise bike, they send power to a generator that converts workout calories into electricity. (Story in the Los Angeles Times)

The owners of the new facility point to 15 reasons why the Green Microgym is green… Here are the top three:

  1. Our SportsArt EcoPowr Treadmills use 30% less electricity than others
  2. Our solar panels generate over 3 Kilowatts per hour
  3. The Team Dynamo and Spin Bikes generate up to 750 watts per hour (read 12 more green qualities below)…


12 More Reasons the Microgym is Green:

  1. We are working on ways to capture the excess energy from our elliptical trainers
  2. We have recycled rubber, marmoleum, and eco-friendly cork flooring
  3. Our ceiling fans are EnergyStar rated and member controlled
  4. All of our lights are compact fluorescents and member controlled
  5. Our televisions are LCD TV’s which use less electricity than plasmas
  6. Our lights, televisions, and ceiling fans are member controlled, so they will only be on when needed.
  7. We have double flush toilets
  8. We use non-toxic soaps and cleaning supplies
  9. The paper towels and toilet seat covers in the bathrooms are made from recycled content
  10. Our personal trainers often take their clients outside for workouts
  11. We feature work from local artists in the gym
  12. We have automated our payment and billing systems to reduce paper usage

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