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In 2013, a ban on Pitbulls was passed into law in Hazel Park, Michigan. Lovers of the breed could mount no serious challenges, until a heroic pup elicited an outpouring of support for lifting the ban.

Though her dog, Isis, stepped in to protect her during an attack by a violent boyfriend, Jaimie Kraczkowski was told that, on top of everything, she would have five days to get rid of her dog.

But she could never feel safe without her dog, ‘Ice,’ and so immediately started thinking about moving.

With the help of the Michigan’s Political Action Committee for Animals and 177,000 folks who signed a petition demanding the ban be  lifted, the group was able to successfully lobby the city council to get the law repealed.Pit Bull YouTube

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Now, “responsible ownership” is indeed allowed, providing the dogs are able to pass a behavioral assessment that confirms they aren’t a threat, and get all of their shots up to date.

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