"I immediately fell in love with her," Karen said about Abby. "She was absolutely gorgeous and she just started snuggling and kissing my ear as soon as I picked her up."
Since that day in 2002, Karen and her husband, Steve, have opened their home for, and rescued, hundreds of guinea pigs. They find new families to adopt them in the Cincinnati area…


This Little Piggy and Me is the name of Karen and Steve’s Web site, and it features cute photos (like the one above) showing all the family’s guinea pigs, as well as those animals that are available for adoption.

After the first critter, Abby, joined the household, Karen bought three books on the care and feeding of guinea pigs. However, she began to notice errors in them so she compiled her own guide based on personal experiences. You can read it online at This Little Piggy.

Guinea pigs originated in South America and were probably domesticated by the Incas 5000 years ago, likely for food.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has the original story. Thanks to new GNN member, lisa, for submitting the link!

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