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It’s Pancake Day today, and we are flipping out over these breakfast masterpieces.

Nathan Shields is just your average full-time dad, part-time illustrator, part-time math teacher, and, oh yeah, part-time pancake artist.


With Washington as home base, Nathan started making the goofy flapjack creations to entertain his two children while on a 9-month tour through Saipan.

His website, Saipancakes, features everything from animals, famous logos, movie characters, and elaborate designs – all made out of pancake batter from a squirt bottle.

Harry Potter Pancakes - Saipancakes Facebook

With a Facebook page and Youtube channel with tens of thousands of fans, Mr. Shields is certainly making a tasty splash on social media.

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If you don’t doubt whether anyone can actually create with such breakfast prowess, check out the video he made for his friends at the International Animal Rescue below in celebration of Pancake Day today.

The edible image depicts Jojo, the first orangutan rescued by the organization–and now the first one commemorated in a smiling wheat portrait.

It takes him 30 seconds flat to create a masterpiece.

Happy Pancake Day to all our supporters!Please share this very special video made by the wonderful Saipancakes JoJo was the first orangutan rescued by International Animal Rescue. He is also now the largest orangutan at the sanctuary, weighing in at 80kg! You can adopt JoJo today and support our orangutan rescue project: http://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/adopt-orangutan/jojo

Posted by International Animal Rescue on Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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